Scientific ocean drilling is a foundational transdisciplinary research capability for the nation and society. Continued investment in future scientific ocean drilling supports the NSB 2030 Vision and allows us to realize the community-developed 2050 Science Framework. To achieve the framework’s Strategic Objectives and Flagship Initiatives, it is imperative that (1) NSF establishes a bridging program to allow the R/V JOIDES Resolution to continue to operate from October 2024 through 2028, and (2) NSF leases or acquires a new U.S. operated global-ranging riserless drilling vessel.

Doing so will yield tremendous new research opportunities across numerous disciplines, enhance workforce development in STEM, attract a diverse student population from numerous fields including the data sciences and machine learning, and inform U.S. scientists, managers, and policymakers on key topics such as climate change, sea-level rise, geohazard assessments, carbon sequestration, ocean health, coastal resilience, and much more.

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Continued, Future Scientific Ocean Drilling
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